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       Established in 2005, Baheal Pharmaceutical Group is a diversified enterprise group with health industry as the core, committed to investing in health brands, enterprise equity and other health-related properties. Based on brand and platform capabilities, with asset appreciation as the core and innovation incubation as the feature, Baheal has developed into a platform of innovation and integration of health industry resources covering Brand Platform Ecosystem and Innovation Cluster Ecosystem.


Brand Platform Ecosystem

       As a professional pharmaceutical commercialization platform in China, Brand Platform Ecosystem takes Baheal Medical Inc. as the main body, covering quality health brand marketing promotion, pharmaceutical wholesale distribution and retail.
       Through all-channel coverage, multi-category collaboration and digital marketing capabilities, we provide total solutions for upstream industrial enterprises, improve operational efficiency and promote standardized development of health industry.
       After more than 10 years of accumulation, Baheal has formed a strong marketing network, cooperated with more than 12,000 large and medium-sized hospitals, and 300,000 pharmacies. At the same time, we have incubated a number of category leading brands, and formed a stable cooperative relationship with hundreds of upstream enterprises.

Innovation Cluster Ecosystem

       Innovation Cluster Ecosystem is the health industry innovative business incubator, which has health industrial park and innovative funds. Adhering to the idea of serving startups and supporting innovation, and relying on the Group for more than ten years of industry accumulation, we provide innovative enterprises with resources, funds, marketing promotion and other support; build a healthy and innovative industrial cluster covering advanced technology, products and services; and have made breakthroughs in biological diagnosis, medical artificial intelligence, high-end R&D manufacturing, professional training of doctors and etc.